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GARE DU NORD VOL. 1 NO. 1, published 1997


p. 1          Tom Leonard, "An Old Story"

p. 1          "Editorial"

p. 2         Tom Leonard, "An Oxford Dictionary of an English Language"

p. 3-5      Andrew Duncan, from Pauper Estate, "Poem 2"

p. 5          Patrick Miles, "Notes From Alcofribas Nasier in the Land Where He Lost All His                    Buttons"

p. 6          Patrick Miles, "Buying Icons"

p. 6-8       Joe Brainard, from "Joe's Secret Journals 1961"

p. 7-9       Ishmael Klein, "Where Everything Waits"

p. 8-9       "Books We're Reading" list

p. 9-13      Douglas Oliver, from "Second-Rate Deity"

p. 10-11      Katy Lederer, "According to the Appetites" and "To Perfect an Imitation of                               Myself"

p. 13          Elio Schneeman, Brief obituary and poem "Departures"

p. 14-17      Grace Lake, "1:3ng"

p. 17          Grace Lake, Graphic art

p. 18          D. S. Marriott, "The Alters" and "Bridge"

p. 19-23     Jack Collom, from Bio Bio and "Two Bird Sonnets"

p. 23-24    Alice Notley, "Cosmic Chat"

p. 24          Rudy Burckhardt, Self Portrait

p. 25-26    The Reader Inquiry Feature

p. 27-28     Anselm Hollo, Five Poems

p. 27-28     Jane Dalrymple-Hollo, Drawings

p. 28          Mattie J. Peterson, "I Kissed Pa Twice after His Death"

p. 29-30     Nicholas Johnson, from Show (a work in progress)

p. 31-32, 40  Alice Notley and Douglas Oliver, "Chatting about Technicalities: We've                                   gotto get syntax rid of, eh?"

p. 33-34      Bill Griffiths, "The Profession of Gipsydom"

p. 35-38      Dawn Michelle Baude, from "Karnak Writing"

p. 38           Jane Dalrymple-Hollo, Drawing

p. 39-40     Alice Notley, "Small Room of Unmade Mosaic"

p. 41 [back cover]    Tony Lopez, "In Memory"


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