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GARE DU NORD VOL. 2 NO. 1, published 1998

p. 1-3         Renee Gladman, "Proportion Surviving"

p. 1, 5-6, 38-39       Reader Inquiry Feature, "Poetry: Love It, Hate It"

p. 2-3        Rod Smith, Three Poems

p. 3           Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince, "Inexorably, Book by Book" pull-out quote

p. 4-5        Iain Sinclair, Three Works

p. 7-9        Anne Waldman, Three Poems from Bali

p. 9           Tom Clark, "The Unsaid" and "Profane and Sacred Illumination"

p. 9           John Hall, "hanging ring-bands"

p. 10-12      Alice Notley, Two Poems from Reason And Other Women

p. 13          David Bell, ["In mourning, he said, we went down"] and "Poem Full of Poems"

p. 13          Tom Clark, ["The blimp glitters..."] and "Another Obscure Reverie"

p. 14-15      Laure Millet, "The Waitress"

p. 15-16      Aram Saroyan, Four Poems

p. 16           Eleanor Margolies, "On buying potatoes" and The Bubble Chamber

p. 17           Will Yackulic, Artwork

p. 17           Kelvin Corchoran, "The Objects Were Not Paid For or Got For a Fixed Price"

p. 18-24     Michael Moorcook, "The Camus Referendum: A Jerry Cornelius Story"

p. 21          "Books We're Reading" list

p. 22-23    Chris Stroffolino, Three Poems

p. 25          Alice Notley, "Cosmic Chat"

p. 26-27     Joel Lewis, Six Poems

p. 27           Etal Adnan, "The Sea"

p. 28           Rudy Burckhardt, Artwork

p. 28-33, 40-41     Alice Notley and Douglas Oliver, "Chatting About Language and Tone"

p. 31-32       Linda Russo, from SERIES: "the WORLD"

p. 32           Peter Manson, "The Tomb of Charles Baudelaire"

p. 33-35      Gloria Frym, "Tagging"

p. 35-37      Andrew Schelling, from "Haibun Black Earth"

p. 39           Johan de Wit, "The Porcupine"

p. 39           Ted Berrigan, Two Poems

p. 42           Douglas Oliver, from The Video House of Fame


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