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GARE DU NORD VOL. 1 NO. 3, published 1998

p. 1           D. S. Marriott, "Image"

p. 1, 4-10  "That Psychic Vein" (Reader Inquiry Feature)

p. 2-7       Geraldine Monk, Three Works

p. 2          Bob Rosenthal, "The Akedah"

p. 3          "Books We're Reading" list

p. 11          William Yackulic, Art

p. 11-12      Anselm Berrigan, Five Poems

p. 12         "Hollos at Home" dialogue

p. 13-15     Anne Portugal, "A work by Anne Portugal" (trans. Douglas Oliver and Alice                             Notley)

p. 15          Pamela Lawton, Art

p. 16          Alice Notley, "Cosmic Chat"

p. 17-23     Michael Moorcook, "Heart of the City" from a working draft of a novel

p. 20-23    Leslie Scalapino, from Clear Land

p. 23          Sir Edward Coke, "Shore Behavior" and "They"

p. 23          Heinrich Heine, "[Die Rose, die Lile...]" versions translated by Frank O'Hara                            and Bill Berkson

p. 24          Yvonne Jacquette, Drawing

p. 24-26    James Brook, "San Francisco Beauty Treatment"

p. 26         Thomas Cierzo, "Robin Blaser"

p. 27-28    Abdellatif Laâbi, Three Poems (trans. Pierre Joris)

p. 28         Pierre Joris, Four Poems

p. 29         Catherine Wagner, Two Poems

p. 29         Pamela Lawson, Art

p. 29-36    Alice Notley and Douglas Oliver, "Chatting About How to Talk About It"

p. 31-34     W. N. Herbert, "In Memoriam William Burroughs"

p. 35         John Wilkinson, "Minibars"

p. 36-37    Tony Baker, "A Portrait of the Present Tense"

p. ---          Reader Inquiry Feature questionaire

p. ---          Subscription Appeal

p. 37         Andrew Crozier, "Blank Misgivings"

p. 38-39   Anselm Hollo, "Guillaume and Walt"

p. 39        William Yackulic, Drawing

p. 40        Fanny Howe, Four Poems

p. 40-42   Douglas Oliver, "Tailpiece from The Video House of Fame"


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