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GARE DU NORD VOL. 2 NO. 2, published 1999

p. 1-3, 5-7     Jeff Conant, "Death of a Zapatista"

p. 1               Joanne Kyger, "A violin plays a sprightly ten note theme"

p. 4              Rob Holloway, building site

p. 4              Keston Sutherland, "To Andrea"

p. 4-5           Claudia Keelan, Rune and Day Book  

p. 5              Robert Palmer, "Sorceress" (drawing)

p. 8-9           Rachel Blau DuPlessis, "Draft 34: Recto"

p. 10-15        Jack Collom, from Paragraphs On How We Relate To Nature

p. 15             Jonathan Skinner, from "Twenty-Nine"

p. 16             Kelvin Corcoran, "Your Thinking Tracts Or Nations"

p. 16             Robert Palmer, "Three Disgraces" (drawing)

p. 17             Alice Notley, "Cosmic Chat"

p. 18-20       Leslie Bumstead, "M-Day," "Independence Day," and "Politics"

p. 21             Kit Robinson, "Manele Bay"

p. 21             "Books We're Reading" list

p. 22-27       Reader Inquiry Feature: "Risk, O Risk, O Careless Risk"

p. 23             Robert Palmer, "Great Leap Forward" (drawing)

p. 24             Robert Palmer, "Swing" (drawing)

p. 27             Simon Pettet, Three Poems

p. 28-30       Susan Cataldo, Excerpt from "The Mother Journal"

p. 29-31        Bill Griffiths, "The Ringstones"

p. 32, 39-43    Alice Notley and Douglas Oliver, "Chatting About Politics and Poetry, Oh                                No!"

p. 32            Jane Dalrymple-Hollo, Art

p. 33            Karen Pepper, "Dream under thunder," "Dream of repetitive symptoms,"                                "Dream of a lost key," and "Dream under cloud cover"

p. 34-36      James Brook, "Letter on the Subject of Gaudiville"

p. 36           Richard Caddel, "Messenger"

p. 37           Christopher Luna, "Passing Through Prophetstown"

p. 37           "Saved!" pull-out quote by Richard Rorty from "Daniel Dennett on                                           Intrinsicality"

p. 38-39     Peter Riley, "Some Ways of Doing Good in the World, Figured as Speaking                           Bushes: an excerpt from Alstonefield Part Five"

p. 43-44      Douglas Oliver, from The Video House of Fame


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