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GARE DU NORD VOL. 1 NO. 2, published 1998

p. 1-5         Joanne Kyger, Nine Poems

p. 1-7         "Whaazzzzzzat? (Reader Inquiry Feature)"

p. 7           Ralph Hawkins, "the mundane & his mimetic of weariness"

p. 8-10      Alice Notley, "Jone Jonah" and "The Body Is In The Soul"

p. 10         Lisa Jarnot, Two Poems

p. 11          Lorand Gaspar, "Sidi Bou Said" (trans. Peter Riley)

p. 11          Edwin Denby, "(An Uncollected Poem)"

p. 12-14     Andrew Duncan, from Pauper Estate, "Pauper Estate poem ten, or,                                         Commerce and local advantage"

p. 14-15     Ron Padgett, Four Poems

p. 16-17     Alice Notley, "Cosmic Chat"

p. 16         Nina Zivancevic, Three Poems

p. 17         "Books We're Reading" list

p. 18-20   W. N. Herbert, "In Memoriam William Burroughs"

p. 20        Yvonne Jacquette, Artwork

p. 21-27    Judit Kemenczky, Three Poems (trans. Eric Mottram)

p. 22-27   Drew Milne, Review of Sarn Helen by John Wilkinson

p. 27         René Char, "Love" (trans. Frank O'Hara)

p. 27         Alice Notley, Drawing

p. 28-29   Edmund Berrigan, Five Poems

p. 29         Yvonne Jacquette, Artwork

p. 30-31     Aaron Williamson, Four Poems

p. 31           Vittoria Vaughn, Two Poems

p. 32-35    Wendy Mulford, Five Poems

p. 33-41     Alice Notley and Douglas Oliver, "Chatting about Chauvinism"

p. 36-38    Alicia Wing, from "The verge of things quiets me"

p. 39         Linda Healey, "Found Buried" and "Safeword"

p. 40-42    Jerome Rothenberg, "Improvisations, Paris 1997"

p. 42         Yvonne Jacquette, Artwork

p. 43-44    Douglas Oliver, from The Video House of Fame


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