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SCARLET NO. 2, published Fall 1990


p. 1-3       Amiri Baraka, "The City of New Ark"

p. 1          Fanny Howe, Five Poems

p. 3         Hollogram, "Most Succinct Formulation of True 20th Century                       Aesthetic (& Artist/Critic Relationship)"

p. 3         Ed Sanders, Poem and drawing

p. 4         Iain Sinclair, Four Poems

p. 5         Serge Fauchereau (trans. Ron Padgett)

p. 5         "Hollocorrect" [erratum to Hollo's poem in Scarlet No. 1)

p. 6         Eileen Myles, "Time"

p. 6         Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 7         "Editorial"

p. 7-10     Ed Sanders, "By Pont Neuf: a meditation on bad blood"

p. 8-9      Sparrow, "A Confession"

p. 9         Ted Berrigan, "Standard Reply"

p. 10-11    Tom Clark, Review of In Memoriam to Identity by Kathy Acker

p. 11         George Schneeman, Drawing

p. 12-16   Leslie Scalapino, "A Conversation with Philip Whalen"

p. 13-16   Alice Notley, "From An Untitled Long Poem"

p. 17-18   "Dream Gossip" column

p. 17        Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 17        Tom Clark, Artwork

p. 19        Lorenzo Thomas, "The Gods' Own Privilege"

p. 19        Hollogram, "A Lady Who Asks Some Horrendous Questions"

p. 20       Elinor Nauen, Five Poems

p. 21        Robert Creeley, Five Poems

p. 21        Alice Notley, Artwork

p. 22-23  Douglas Oliver, from "Penniless; Excerpt II"

p. 24        Peter Schjeldahl, "Correspondence, To the Editors"

p. 24        Tom Clark, Artwork


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