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SCARLET NO. 3, published Winter 1991


p. 1-3     Bob Holman, "1990"

p. 1-2     "Editorial"

p. 2       Tom Clark, "Desert Wars"

p. 3-6    Ann Lauterbach, "Landing, In memoriam: Tim Dlugos"

p. 4       D.S. Marriott, "Falling Snow"

p. 5       Yvonne Jacquette, Drawing

p. 6       Eileen Myles, "Bleeding Hearts"

p. 6       Peter Riley, Untitled poem ["Ah, to be a full citizen of here, the nation"]

p. 7       Steve Abbott, "A house on fire"

p. 8       Andrea Zanzotto "Elegy in Googoo" (trans. Anthony Barnett with Claire Jakens)

p. 9-10  Barbara Gest, "Radical Politics and Conservative Poetry"

p. 10      Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 11-12   Henry Johnson, Two Poems

p. 12      Fielding Dawson, Artwork

p. 12-13  "Dream Gossip" column

p. 14-15   Douglas Oliver, from "Penniless; Excerpt 3: Buying Back the Neighborhood"

p. 15       Hollogram, "You Said It" and "Camper's Council"

p. 15       James Laughlin, "The Supermarket"

p. 16-17, 18-21      Johnny and Peter Stanton, "Waterbugs"

p. 16        Kate Farrell, "On the Trail in the Sub-basements of Ordinary Reality"

p. 18        R.T. Casteberry, "The Grieving Process"

p. 19-23   Alice Notley, from "The Descent of Alette"

p. 22        Fielding Dawson, Art

p. 23        Wendy Mulford, Untitled poem ["A participle, a passage"]

p. 23        Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 24        Hollogram, "Some Ladies I'd Love to Meet If Dear Dr. Who Could Take Me to Them"

p. 24        Rudy Burckhardt, Drawing


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