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SCARLET NO. 4, published Spring 1991


p. 1-2       Marosa di Giorgio, "The March Hare" (trans. K.A. Kopple)

p. 1-2       "Editorial" [on p. 2 becomes poem "Naming of Americans" by Alice Notley]

p. 3         Fielding Dawson, "Dialogue Dialogue"

p. 4         Joel Lewis, Two Poems

p. 5         John James, Three Poems

p. 6-12     Donna Dennis, from "Tunnel Tower Journal"

p. 8         Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 10-11     Clark Coolidge, from The Gallery

p. 11         Anne Waldman, "Mesopotamia"

p. 12-16    Alice Notley, from "The Descent of Alette"

p. 13         Albert Glover, "The Wife"

p. 13         Anselm Hollo, "Lit. Group History"

p. 14-15     Paul Celan, from "Atemwende/Breathturn" (trans. Pierre Joris)

p. 15         Note on Douglas Oliver's "Penniless"

p. 16         Tom Savage, "In Ecstasy"

p. 16         Ed Friedman, "Two from American Uta"

p. 17-19     "Dream Gossip" column

p. 17-19      Joe Cardarelli, from "The Unknown Story of Orpheus (A Work Unfinished)"

p. 19          Hollogram, "Bumpersticker"

p. 20         Keith Abbott, "Ballad of the Crisis"

p. 20         Elio Schneeman, "Latin Rhythms"

p. 20-21     Anselm Hollo, Two Poems

p. 20         Hollogram, "Uebermensch"

p. 21          Dominique Fourcade, "Mural" (trans. Douglas Oliver)

p. 22         Harris Schiff, Cortelyou Aire and "89 in 89"

p. 23         Tony Towle, "Another Zone"

p. 24         Anne Waldman, "Advil"

p. 25         Jacob Burckhardt, Photograph


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