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SCARLET NO. 5, published September 1991


p. 1         "Editorial"

p. 1         George Schneeman, Collage

p. 2-4     Denise Riley, "A Set of Ten"

p. 4         Tom Clark, "'The enforced lapse...' (Marquerite Yourcenar)"

p. 4         Subscription offer

p. 5-9     Douglas Oliver, "More Than a Trace"

p. 6-9     Sheila Alson, "Corn's Wait"

p. 9         Hollogram, "What's Wrong With Bad Poetry"

p. 10       Leslie Scalapino, "The Street" from Waking Life

p. 11-13    Douglas Oliver, from Penniless Politics

p. 13        Alex Katz, Drawing

p. 14        Bob Hershon, "Unless You Are a Horse"

p. 14        Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 14-15   Alice Notley, "Women & Poetry"

p. 15       Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 16        R. T. Casteberry, Two Poems

p. 16        Hollogram, "Theosophical Titters"

p. 17        "Dream Gossip" column

p. 17        Alex Katz, Drawing

p. 18-21    Alice Notley, "What Can Be Learned From Dreams?"

p. 19-21    Ralph Hawkins, Three Poems

p. 22-24  Tom Clark, from "Diary of Desert War"



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