SCARLET NO. 1, published September 1990


p. 1-2      “Editorial”

p. 1-5      Lois Griffith, “Overexposed”

p. 1         Tom Clark, “Woodtime”

p. 2        Eileen Myles, “Bleeding Hearts”

p. 2        Hollogram, "On Translation”

p. 3        George Schneeman, Drawing

p. 5        Eileen Myles, “Shhh”

p. 6        Anne Waldman, “Puer”

p. 6        Ed Dorn, “Abhorrences”

p. 7         Anselm Hollo, “The Flag’s at Half-Mast in Arcana Garden, To Steve Carey, In                                                   Memorium” [see Erratum slip]

p. 7         Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 8         “Dream Gossip” column

p. 8         Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 9         Wendy Mulford, “beyond the faded bedspread of the day”

p. 9         Hollogram, "One Way of Putting It" and "Another"

p. 10-13   Alice Notley, “From an Untitled Long Poem”

p. 13        Douglas Oliver, “Dear Dolores”

p. 14        Jerome Rothenberg, “Improvisation No. 5”

p. 15        Anthony Barnett, “E & N in the Radiant Garden”

p. 15-16    Douglas Oliver, from "Penniless”

p. 17-19    Jack Collom, “Hoback Haiban”

p. 19        Kurt Schwitters, “Chinese Banalities” (trans. Jerome Rothenberg)

p. 19        Joe Brainard, Drawing

p. 20-24  Leslie Scalapino, from "The Pearl”


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